We are a Nonprofit that Equips and Develops Communities by Empowering people Through trades.  We provide tools and education so they can use their gifts to create sustainable income.  Here’s how:



We build partnerships with ministries and individuals to bring workshops and teachers to the developing world. Poverty is no respecter of persons, its an epidemic both at home, and abroad.

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Gifted.global keeps you connected to the community. When you give, you get an up close and personal look into the lives being impacted by your generosity.

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Building a better tomorrow starts by building a better today. We’re all about restoring communities and families. We’re not philanthropists, we’re partners, and we’re committed to the journey; no matter the cost.

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When you invest in our projects you help us send trade schools to impoverished people around the world. These schools create avenues of sustainable life change for people who are stuck in the poverty cycle. Our team works diligently to make sure that every dollar is stewarded with integrity. We operate on less than 10% of our annual budget in order to send 90% of our proceeds to the developing, and forgotten parts of the world. When you give, we will make it count.



Our Mission

gifted.global is a non-profit empowering people to live out their giftedness by teaching them skills and trades that will help them build a better future. We are changing their worries from "what am I going to eat?" to "what am I going to make?"


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We would love to hear from you!  Especially if you want to get involved or invest in our mission!  So, please leave us your feedback, questions, or comments below and our team will get back to you as soon as we can!  Thanks!

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